Each year, 70 billion land animals are killed by humans, thats like 10 times the whole human population, and that's not just for food, it includes other reasons like making cosmetics, fashion accessories and more things that we use. Our team thinks that there's no absolute reason to kill innocent animals for such petty reasons, when there are equally good cruelty-free and sustainable alternatives existing. Also processing of animal parts for final product is an expensive, tedious, pollution inducing, and carbon emitting task. This can be stopped, and pretty much needs to be! That's how we came up with green queen, to let people know about sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives to their day to day needs.

What it does

Green Queen is a discord bot, where you can explore products and find better alternatives [animal cruelty free + sustainable for the environment] for them. Other than that, you can check if a particular product is cruelty free as well as sustainable by scanning and uploading its picture to the bot. As you go along, you earn points that gives a sense of validation and contribution and of course, you're contributing towards creating an animal friendly, cruelty free and sustainable world.

How we built it

• Python as the main language for discord bot
• library to make bot functions
• BeautifulSoup4 to webscrape products data dynamically
• Opencv and ocr libraries to detect text/brand name from image
• Firebase to store user data [score, levels]
• HTML-CSS for creating webpage
• GitHub Pages to host the webpage
• GoDaddy to use domain

Challenges we ran into

Sending user card on !stats command with their info written as text was a bit difficult to pass since that required getting dynamic statistics and making it available. Also dynamically webscraping in real time was a challenge as well but we somehow managed it all in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to create a cool bot in such short time and having everything working are some of the accomplishments that we're proud of!

What we learned

We learnt how to webscrape data dynamically using bs4 libraries, also we learnt a lot about sustainability and animal cruelty issues, and how they can be resolved by small steps that we all can take! We also learnt to use embeds within discord bots, which was super fun!

What's next for Green Queen

We would be working on adding more data and improving the performance of the OCR bit.

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