According to the IQAir report 2018, Pakistan is ranked as 2nd most polluted country in World and now the condition is getting worse. Recently, Lahore's Air Quality Index skyrocketed to 598. At 300 and above, the air is considered unhealthy. According to the IQAir report 2019, Lahore is considered as the most polluted city in the world. So always hearing such kind of news on television and the internet we felt that we should go ahead and take a step to solve this serious issue. Due to urbanization, the number of trees in the urban area are decreasing day by day which is one of the primary cause of air pollution.

What it does

So the idea is to provide a platform from where you can get all those plants and seeds which need little space and can be grown in a small single pot. The platform will also provide all the necessary information about how to get started with vertical farming and roof farming. So that everyone can be able to grow fresh vegetables and plants on their roof. which not only helps them to purify their environment but will also be financially profitable for them as they don't have to spent money on buying fresh vegetable from the market. you can read blog posts regarding farming as well as you can buy and get all the things you need for planting fresh vegetables by just a single click.

Major Features

  • Auto-Search the nearest nursery
  • Add to cart options.
  • You can add products to favorites.
  • Dark/Light Mode
  • Order Management & Tracking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multi-Lingual Support

How I built it

I built the android part in flutter and backend/server-side in PHP laravel framework.

Challenges I ran into

As flutter is a bit newer framework, so it's hard to diagnose the problem sometimes especially when you are getting data from a remote server. So I got some errors which were difficult to understand but thanks to StackOverflow and flutter community I can be able to successfully resolve those errors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am happy and proud of my project because by this project at least I am trying to solve very serious problems of my homeland i.e Pakistan. I can save a lot of people from harmful diseases which are caused by air pollution. Also, my project will help to remove the tag of the "Most Polluted country" from Pakistan. and make our image better in a global society.

What I learned

Whenever you do some creative work, you always learn from it. I also learned a lot along the way. I learned a lot of new things about flutter. A bunch of new widgets and during the exploration stage a lot of new designs.

What's next for Green Pakistan

Currently, the blogging feature is not implemented in my app. so we will implement that. Also, we will add the weather forecasting feature so that people can know about the current weather. In the future, we are also planning to create an IoT device for checking air quality and will integrate it with this current application.

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