We got inspired by the movie "Annihilation", where the nature had mutated and taken over the earth.

What it does

"Green Night" is a VR game in Oculus rift where you can explore the enviroment of a sanitorium's greenhouse. While walking around and compleating tasks, you reveal the mystery.

How I built it

The team brainstormed the story and the possible solutions for it. Once that was done, we began to divide the worktasks. Some of us started to search for avaliable free 3D models of plants, while others started to model key element objects in 3D program blender. At the same time the game developer team started working on the scripts and how to make the interactions work. We worked together to add it all into unity and create the game as it is.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into the problem of our 3d models having too many polygons, that made the computers struggle and game to lag. Finding the best solution to simplify models by reducing the polygons and still not lose loads of details. There were some inconviences between the programs. It was quite a challange to make the blender textures work in unity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The end result is aestheticly pleasing and functioning. It is working great as standalone game and it has room for adding more functions, more challanges and more levels.

What I learned

We learned to collaborate with different type of people than we have been used to. Learned new skills to work in programs more effeciantly. Learned to work on problemsolving

What's next for Green Night

The mystery is quite bigger than we managed to include in this game. In future we are planning to add more buildings of the sanitorium for people to explore. Also to add 3D soundscape for the result.

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