With GreenMe! users can be a part of the world's largest "green" mobile community and help to grow the biggest collection of green living ideas ever put together. Green Me! is a free Android mobile app containing a mashup of both EPA and proprietary data, providing users with hundreds of tidbits and tips on how to live a "greener", environmentally-friendly life. Through the Green Me! "My Green Idea" feature, users can submit their own green living tips for inclusion (and acknowledgement) in future versions of the app. - thereby helping the environment and expanding the message of environmentally-friendly living across the globe. Green Me! includes sections on:

  • Green My Clothing- Green My Community- Green My Food- Green My Eco Footprint- Green My Garden- Green My Holidays- Green My Home- Green My Move- Green My School- Green My Sports & Evercise- Green My Transportation- Green My Travel- Green My Workplace- Green Patrol: Report Environmental Violations- Green Definitions (glossary of "green" terminology) Green Me! is also available through the Android Market, Amazon's App Store, and other global retailers.
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