On the way to this hackathon our team got mixed up and half took the bus and half walked. The people who walked got there slightly slower but were still on time.

What it does

We made a program where the user inputs the latitude and longitude of the starting point and destination, and how long they have until they need to arrive at the destination. Our program essentially finds the most eco-friendly method of transportation that will get the user on time to their destination.

How I built it

We used a few different sources online, however we primarily used eclipse to program our interface and our calculations. We also used notepad to create our website and google slides to create our pitch.

Challenges I ran into

We originally wanted to create a program that would run on javascript and would call on google API to make updates on traffic and different paths to the destination. We would've used this to get a certain value of time to get to the destination and eventually calculate the most eco-friendly method, however, managing and coding, using the Google API proved to be a very big challenge and we resorted to calculating the distance based on the curvature of the Earth and coordinates.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud of how quickly we were able to create our code considering how long we took planning

What I learned

What's next for Green Maps

Built With

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