Not knowing what and where I can recylce. It's how most of us live and it's wrong.

What it does

Sear for a material and the app will show you your nearest recycling bank which accepts that material. You can scan items and using object detection, you can see the environmental cost of the items and potential alternatives you can use which are more sustainable.

How I built it

Made in Android studio. We modularized the project so we could all work on separate parts, with people on the Android frontend, iOS frontend, object detection, and recycling bank location.

Challenges I ran into

Putting everything together at the end, particularly merging the android app with the object detection.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Having a cool idea
  • Creating code which returns the closest valid recycle bank given a material you want to recycle, without any libraries/APIs, just a little data.

What I learned

  • Cambridge has nearly 30 recycling banks
  • Learned how to work with Android studio, Xcode, Azure

What's next for Green Hack

Refine the UI. The object detection could detect the material of the object scanned and automatically show the nearest recycle bank you can go to to recycle it.

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