The past year, Covid-19 has shown us that tackling an impending crisis can be demotivating and energy-consuming. However, taking things step by step has proven that any obstacle can be overcome. We wanted to create a user-friendly app that motivates the user to make small eco-conscious actions and learn more about how they can have an impact on climate justice.

What it does

Start by making an account and input a few habits that you want to work on

  • The web app will send you reminders at the frequency you decide and each day you follow through with the habit, you input this information .
  • As you keep going, your progress increases and you unlock new plants that are native to Ontario.
  • Not only is this an exciting incentive for the user as they get to build a colourful garden, but they learn about the beautiful local plants in their area.
  • There are also events that are uploaded to the app which you can find out about, along with contact information to many organizations.

How we built it

We created a prototype on Figma by first making multiple pages which would be what the user goes through while using the app. We then used HTML and CSS to the best of our abilities to bring the prototype to life

Challenges we ran into

We all had big ideas, and this led to us having many plans that were not all executable. Initially, we were planning on creating an app that was completely different, but unfortunately we found it was too complicated to code in a short time span.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With all of us being beginners, we came over a large learning barrier and successfully created a website using HTML and CSS, and created our prototype on Figma. We also successfully collaborated to bring our eco-friendly vision to life, having never talked to each other prior

What we learned

We learnt a lot about designing in figma and converting it to html.

What's next for Green Habit

We would like to incorporate the features of our web app into a traditional app, using Swift we can implement it to Apple Phones. This will make the reminders more accessible, and users will be more likely to input their habits and stick with them.

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