Green Gecko was made by a team of 4 including Gabriel Clark, Abigail Seibel, Isaac Kramer, and Anders Long

The idea behind Green Gecko was a Duo Lingo-esque game that incentivized green transportation by prompting the user for miles traveled and miles per gallon(mpg) associated with their car, the app calculated how many carbon emissions were "saved" by biking, walking, or jogging a given amount of miles.

These emissions are stored, along with a point system, on an external save file. These points, calulated from the emissions, are spendable in mini-game, in which the famed "green gecko" avoids trash monsters and smog beasts and fights back with the power of recycling (thrown green shurikens).

Challenges we encountered included but were limited to, learning almost the entirety of source control with GitHub, adding audio to the project (a task that unfortunately had to be abandoned due to time constraints), pacing issues as work was allotted differently early on, forcing some programmers to wait until their teammates caught up and implementing a function menu system while all the branches were separate. Overall, the project, produced with Java, Github, MS Paint, and AutoDesk Sketchbook, was an enjoyable learning experience. We hope to do even better at the next Hackathon, but we can't believe what we accomplished today, Thank you for reading.

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