Green for the Earth is a personal carbon footprint calculator that helps you lower your co2 emissions by transforming your lifestyle. Keep a record of your habits and do your part in saving Planet Earth.

How we built it As a team, we decided to build an application as a Universal Windows Platform and Xamarin.Forms in order to make something that could be used in several different devices. We also decided to use this format since we all were somewhat experienced with Object-Oriented Programming with C#, which was needed in order to save several user inputs. Finally, we decided to divide the work depending on what each of us were more capable of giving the most of our effort to finish as soon as possible, and since there was a lot to do it was necessary to split the work between front-end, back-end, and research.

Challenges we ran into The hardest challenge we ran into was resisting the arduous work of programming for 24 hours straight. Since we had to manage napping times amongst the team members it was necessary to decide which aspects of the project were necessary to finish before the team member that would work the best on that aspect was able to get done with it before going to nap.

Accomplishments The highest accomplishment we managed to get was to survive the 24 hours because he never thought it would be so hard to stay awake working continuously even for half the time necessary. We are proud that our research led us to have a pretty accurate co2 calculator, and also that it has had an impact on the people we tested it on. Realizing the impact of your choices as a customer and a traveler is always a shock for some people, and we are happy we can be part of the change towards a more sustainable way of living for everybody.

What we learned We discovered several facts about carbon footprint in the world, and mostly in Mexico. We noticed the importance of spreading awareness on the topic of CO2 Emissions and ways to prevent them or at least reduce them. Finally we also learned that programming as a team and working together to achieve a common goal will always help decrease the labor of each team member and will also make even arduous tasks enjoyable.

What’s next for Green for Earth: On a short term, we want to grow the database from the users and track their progress so more people realize how important it is to change their habits to change the world, and how together we can make a difference. We also want to add different countries so that the CO2 emission factors can be furtherly customized according to the user’s region. The future of Green for Earth is to become a community, while also being a tool. We want people to connect through their common mission of seeking a more eco-responsible world, so the users could share events and stories about how they are reducing their carbon footprint so that they can inspire others.

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