Inspiration: The spirit of environmental friendliness is called Green Elf, who wants to guide the user how to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Sort garbage. And then user can have many benefits from this.

Purpose : Answer the question: "What should you do, if you have a lot of garbage bags"

1-What it does:

  • Providing the diffrent instructions ( text, .) depending on the demand of users ( recycling their products,how to make recylable products from garbage... )

  • Creating the platform to connect between people who need the garbage and people who dont need the garbage A guide to sorting waste, setting time, connecting people who do not need garbage and who need it.

2- Operations: + Features Login as admin -> find the instructions that you need by typing + Login -> add the photo of your " garbage " and some basic contact information + If you need the garbage, you can go to the store tab and find out.

How I built it: along with teammates built it from idea to design.

The challenges I face: Proper disposal of waste and proper disposal.

Achievements I am proud of: Create an interesting and easy to understand application for users

What I Learned: Create an app and create something new for the community that loves the environment

What next for Green Elf:

Improve the application: Extend the data system User experience Data analysis: Reduce Massive industry or an interesting game with GreenElf

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