University of Kentucky (UK) Green Dot App The UK Green Dot App Against Abuse is one campus' effort to empower active bystanders. The University of Kentucky is proud to be home of the Green Dot, developed by the Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center. A Green Dot is a single moment in time when a bystander chooses to promote safety and complete intolerance of violence by using words, behaviors, choices or attitudes. The Green Dot active bystander training brings students together to understand violence and abuse, find their connection to the issue, learn about active bystander intervention and prevention, overcome barriers and challenges to active bystander intervention, and practice active bystander skills. The UK Green Dot App joins users, especially students who have received Green Dot active bystander training, to download the app, seek support from each other, continue to receive education on violence and abuse prevention, find campus and community resources, be connected to a strong network of trained active bystanders, and encourage their friends to get involved! The UK Green Dot App committee has developed the app prototype in a series of steps. Committee members include the University of Kentucky Center for Research on Violence Against Women, Public Relations, Violence Intervention and Prevention Center. Ex-officio membership and input was sought from the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs, University of Kentucky Student Affairs technology staff, and Verizon Wireless. We wanted to ensure we developed a mobile web application (app) that would empower UK students to prevent dating violence and sexual assault with active bystander intervention tips, access to resources, real-time connections to friends and supportive allies, integrated social media, and safety/privacy features. First, we began with discussion about how to reach UK community members through a useful, innovative and effective app. Next, we gathered background information on how apps are used by UK community members. Committee members explored other apps and examined literature on app usage and marketing. We conducted a focus group with student representatives to get feedback on how an app would be used and how it could be promoted. Again, we strived to develop an app that would be user-friendly, safe, creative, interactive, impactful, resourceful, and integrated with other social media tools. Finally, we designed an app prototype based on what we learned: University of Kentucky Green Dot App

  1. Landing Page    a. Green Dot Active Bystander Intervention Tips offering active bystander intervention knowledge and skills in order to safely intervene in a potentially dangerous dating violence or sexual assault situation      i. Reactive to high-risk situations in which someone may be hurt by dating violence or sexual assault: Studying Just Passing By Party Online Home      ii. Proactive violence prevention tips to create a culture which communicates the values that dating violence and sexual assault will not be tolerated and everyone is expected to contribute to a violence-free campus    b. Group Syncing – allowing users to safely and discreetly check in with friends, family, allies, and emergency contacts      i. To receive support, check-in, find an ally, and locate each other in real-time, users will be able to safely and privately connect with friends and others previously selected through their device contact list       ii. Alert police to emergency situations of dating violence or sexual assault    c. Transportation – providing information on safe and secure methods of transit around campus and the community      i. Track CATS Cruiser – locate the UK shuttle in real-time at            ii. Around Campus – CATS Cruiser shuttle schedule and contact information, bus routes, a campus escort service to call for accompaniment, and safe routes to walk around campus CATS Cruiser Information: Thursday – Saturday, 9 pm – 3 am,   Bus Routes:   Safe Cats: Sunday – Thursday, 8:30 pm – 1:30 am, 859.257.SAFE (7233),

Cats Path:         iii. Around Town – find bus routes and schedules, locate local buses in real-time, or call a taxi Lextran Routes:       2. Taxi Services           a. Mr. Taxi 859. 223.8888            b. Yellow & Wildcat Taxi 859.231.8294            c. American Taxi Cab Company 859.381.1010    d. Resources – safe and knowledgeable contacts related to dating violence and sexual assault on campus, in the Lexington/Central Kentucky region, in Kentucky, and across the nation      i. Campus – University of Kentucky contacts which students can call or visit websites related to dating violence and sexual assault including victim advocacy and violence prevention services, counseling, police, student conduct, and healthcare Violence Intervention and Prevention Center: 859.257.3564,, Facebook, Twitter Counseling Center: 859.257.8701,

University Health Services: General Line 859.323.5823,

UKPD: #UKPD, 859.257.8573,  Dean of Students – Office of Student Conduct: 859.257.3754,

      ii. Community – Lexington area resources Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center: 24-Hour Hotline 1.800.656.HOPE (4673), Business Line 859.253.2615,

Bluegrass Domestic Violence Association: 24-Hour Hotline 1.800.544.2022, Business Line 859.233.0657,

University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center: 859.323.5901,

Lexington Police: 911, 859.258.3600,,

      iii. State Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs: Business Line 502.226.2704,

Kentucky Domestic Violence Association: 502.209.KDVA(5382),

Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services Family Violence Prevention Resources Branch: 800.372.2973,

Kentucky Attorney General Victim Assistance Program: 800.372.2551,

     iv. National National Sexual Assault Hotline (RAINN): 1.800.656.HOPE (4673), Online Hotline:,

National Dating Abuse Helpline: 866.331.9474, Text “LOVEIS” to 77054 to talk to a peer advocate, Live chat & website

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1.800.799.SAFE (7233),

National Network to End Domestic Violence Technology Safety Tips:

Additional Resources:

   e. Escape – a quick escape button on every page allows users to utilize and exit the app safely and discreetly    f. Feedback – a button with an envelope symbol which allows users to send an email to the VIP Center with feedback on the app and to find out how to get involved in further violence prevention efforts    g. Emergency – a button which allows users to confirm if they’d like to contact 911    h. Back – a button with an arrow symbol which allows users to go back a page The UK Green Dot App allows users to create a community free of violence, seek support from each other, practice active bystander intervention for dating violence and sexual assault, safely find campus and community resources, connect to a strong network of violence prevention supporters, and encourage others to get involved!

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