Food production needs to be increased by 70% by 2025, because the world population size is increasing and is expected to hit 9 billion by that year.

Currently, infectious diseases affect potential yield by around 40%, and some farmers in developed countries can experience yield loss 100%!

Smartphones are widely used around the globe - expected to hit 5 billion by 2020. This makes smartphones an easily accessible tool to detect and identify diseases and get help from professionals in the area.

What it does

Android application that identifies potential diseases from a single picture of a leaf.

How we built it

Android & CustomVision on Azure.

Challenges we ran into

Android studio updates.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Comprehension and implementation of image processing machine learning concepts. Went home at 12 am :)

What we learned

Machine learning. Biology.

What's next for Green Detect

Offline accessibility. Crowd-sourced relevance on diseases. Contextual diseases (by area). Improvement of machine learning data.

Built With

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