Leverage different social communities to facilitate a reduction in resource consumption, specifically coal and electricity. 

What it does

Green Communities is an app that will track your co2 production and electricity usage.  By creating a platform to build a supporting community that will hold you accountable, the probability of achieving your goal to reduce consumption can increase as much as 95%.  This community aspect will not only benefit the environment but will bring and connect people together through a common goal.

Part I: Smart Home System

 Smart home systems is a rapidly growing trend with an expected 81% increase in usage by 2023.

Part II: Integrate with TDI

Transportation also plays a large role in emitting carbon dioxide.  TDI  can track your monthly car mileage.  Again you will be able to view your carbon emissions on Green Communities and ultimately the community will hold you accountable for making an effort in decreasing your carbon emissions.   

Built With

  • google-slides
  • r
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