Whole Idea came from global issue of logistic. Logistics needs keep increasing and this makes congestion more severe in especially urban cities

What it does

This is Peer to Peer logistic app for small parcels, using public transportation for passengers, such as vacant taxis and less crowded buses. Parcel is delivered via several public transportation participants, like human chain, so this can be slow but green approach. This directly contributes to reducing vehicle numbers in cities. Because vehicle for logistics is not needed as empty space of existing passenger public transportation is used for parcel shipping. Shipping process such as which public transportation deliver what from where to where, is recorded on distributed ledger and once parcel is successfully delivered to receiver, all those involved (shipper, several carriers and receiver) will get ”Green Coin", which is cryptocurrency used in this app. As this reduces total amount of CO2 and reduce air pollution, and less stress for existing infrastructure such as roads, Government budget is applied as initial source for green coin cryptocurrency .

How I built it

Build a front-end UI with a hybrid app that uses Cordova. Business logic processing is realized from WebAPI created in C # using various external APIs such as Google MapAPI and DataMall. This app is connected to the Ethereum network test environment (Ethereum testnet / test environment / Ropsten).

Challenges I ran into

-Incorporating tokens into the business model -Calling Ethereum from Cordoba -Made in unbelievably short term (2 weeks )

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Captured global issue (Deep dive research in logistics and figured out issues in logistics are fairy common across the globe). We aimed to tackle issues that covers wider area so maximize our contribution to the world. -Considering difference in logistic situation from consumer perspective, modified UI/UX so that it fits to many countries and build feasible service model. -Well connect public real time data

What I learned

-By seeing the world from future perspective (2050 smart city), realized possibility of opposite needs comes out in the future (ex. What people need for logistic Now:fast Future:Slow is OK if green )

What's next for Green Chain

Connect all transportation system and vehicle

Built With

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