We wanted to give people more incentive to do their part in saving the environment. With this app, we reward users for making environmentally friendly purchases with exclusive discounts and cash back.

What it does

Getting points for rewards is easy! Simply use the app to scan your receipt after making your purchase. Our software will automatically scan your purchases and give rewards points for environmentally friendly purchases

How I built it

We build the front end using react-native and graphql, and the back end using c#, postgreSQL, running on google cloud.

Challenges I ran into

Coming into this project, our teammembers had little experience with the technologies used in this app, and had to learn it while building.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a working app! =)

What I learned

We learned to use new technologies and create an app at the sacrifice of sleep

What's next for Green-Cards

Implementation of more features to reward users with creative ways to help the environment

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