Do You GBG?

Meet "Green Button Gamer: Driver Challenge". It’s the merger of social apps and gamification of driving data. Basically, it gets the phone out of a drivers hand and turns it into a dashboard to keep you safe and save you money.

Download it here in the google play market:

Users can create a new account or login with their Facebook credentials. They can then challenge themselves or their friends to daily safe driving challenges (no hard brakes, dangerous accelerations, idling more than 5 minutes, going over 80mph, or texting while driving).

The app lets friends know when you are driving safe by posting on your Facebook wall as well as allowing you to post your challenge results (give it a try!). This way your friends and family know you are pledging to not text while driving!

To make the games a little more interesting we're also working with two non-profits promoting ending texting while driving. Users can bet $1 on their safe driving challenges, and the loser pays up!

Once a user starts a challenge they see their speed, location, map of where they are and where they have been all in real time (try it out). Some of the data presented is still an "ideation" but represents real parameters pulled from OpenXC driving data sets (Thanks DOE and Ford for getting us these - they're attached to the submission as well).

If a user exits the challenge or app while driving they automatically lose the challenge. We built this into the game mechanics so they are encouraged to not text while driving.

Geek Speak - The app was built using a cross platform tool so it will be available for iPhone soon, although you can get it in the Google Play market today. We're also in the process of enabling connectivity to OpenXC hardware. We're doing this so users will have the option to access both OBDII and CAN data from their phone in real time!

"Because one text or call could wreck it all"

Do You GBG

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