We want to strengthen sustainable behaviour and thoughts within each and every inhabitant of a city. We thought thorough about what drives people in their core so we are able to achieve this and give the users enough motivation.

What it does

As a user you can participate in unique challenges which will drive you away from your usual behaviour into more environment friendly and sutainable behaviour. As a motivational impulse you will be rewarded with ECOins.

These ECOins can be used in the app shop to buy different things like bus, museum, or theater tickets, or you can spend ECOins on more infrastructure in your city, like new trash bins at specific locations, new trees, or better streets, etc.

This is no Shitcoin! This has utility!

The challenges will be validated by other users, so that no one is able to cheat, or trick our system.

We imagine, that the challenges can be provided by the city, as well as the amount of ECOins that are given out by these. This way the city is able to control how much they spend on the project of making their own environment more eco-friendly and green.

How we built it

  • We coded an app with the ionic framework
  • An HSM Module should sign data from an GPS Sensor and a microprocessor should publish the data on an 3box thread.
  • Through the ionic app the user could import the driven Trip in their either public/private Space 'GreenBerlin'
  • Further Metadata should be stored along with those trips, e.g. avg. speed, lost kcal or saved CO2.
  • For the settlement we developed a GreenCity Smart Contract and an ERC 20 Token

Challenges we ran into

  • the 3box dapp and clean code...
  • connecting 3box and an IoT device
  • missing IPFS pub sub on dappnodes
  • proper signing of gps sensor data from hsm
  • tiredness
  • missing skills

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are very proud of our well rounded concept, the somehow working prototype and presentation and we are all confident that this project would be awesome for all the cities around the world. We are also proud, that our prototype validates our concept and that we are able to generate and use signed IoT data for the challenges in a secure way, so that the users play by the rules.

What we learned

You are not able to code a giant project in one weekend.

What's next for GreenBerlin

Hopefully we will be able to make this project reality and provide a plattform for all the cities around the world, to make an impact on climate change and eco-friendliness.

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