Green AI



What it does

Detects whether if an item is recyclable or not but also see's if it causes cross-contamination

How we built it

We divided our team into 4 people into 2 groups, one working on the machine learning model, and the other one working on the website. We used Teachable Machine with Tensorflow.js, a technology developed by Google to create and train our machine learning model. And HTML, CSS, and Javascript was used for the website

Challenges I ran into

  • How to create a machine learning model
  • How to align that button using CSS, we all know that button

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our whole team is proud of creating something that finally works, and that also could change the world

What I learned

We learned how to create a machine learning model and make it work on a website

What's next for Green AI

We want to make this an actual item and look forward to advancing this for the future

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