Everyone likes to complain about their environment, but no one likes to do anything about it. The main reason for this is that taking action is hard. Organizing a cleanup, contacting the government, or just getting anything done simply takes too much effort to be worth it. We wanted to streamline the process of identifying and solving environmental problems.

What it does

Our website makes it easy for anyone to report environmental issues and arrange to have them resolved. People can view the most popular environmental issues around them, then choose to take action. They can organize a community cleanup with ease and rebuild their community together.

How I built it

We used the Esri/arcGis API to let users submit environmental issues and to get a list of the most common environmental issues within a given radius. Our website is powered by AngularJS and Django.

Challenges I ran into

Learning to use a new API was quite difficult and took a lot more time than we expected.

What's next for Green

We hope to expand so that politicians and city officials can see what the biggest environmental issues in their area are. We also plan to partner with community service organizations so that people can easily find organizations that would volunteer to help their community.

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