Currently, there are several different competing loyalty solutions - company-specific programs from vendors like Starbucks or company-crossing programs like Payback. The company-crossing programs come with one caveat though: Signing up for them isn't easy nor intuitive. It's a tedious process filled with bureaucracy, and whether you get accepted or not, is still up to one central institution. This makes it hard for normal brick-and-mortar stores to participate in those loyalty programs. We want to open up the loyalty space and provide a solution which not only benefits businesses, but also the environment.

What it does

We have two different kind of loyalty points:

  • "normal" loyalty points: just our usual kind of loyalty points you get for every purchase over Solana Pay
  • "green" loyalty points: loyalty points you get in addition to "normal" loyalty points when purchasing goods & services which are environmentally friendly, e.g. a ticket for the metro.

We have a website on which you can redeem your (green) loyalty points for rewards such as coupons, charity or other things.

How we built it

We started with the Solana-Pay demo up to set up a sales-point for a merchant to use to get paid by users with Solana Coins throught their mobile wallet. We then implemented an on-chain program to transfer Greefies (loyalty tokens) to the user based on their purchase. The same program would also collect user statistics that will then be used for our loyalty program landing page to have a leaderboard. These statistics will then be reset monthly and award the users with the most Greefies special discounts and NFTs that could be used as "coupons" on their next purchases through Solana-Pay. Users are also able to connect their wallets to our loyalty program website were they can display their Greefies and also exchange them for tailored discounts.

Challenges we ran into

Since it was our first time working on the Solana ecosystem it was a weekend filled with challenges. From getting started, to understanding that everything is an address, to creating our own transactions and on-chain program. It was definitely an intense, sometimes frustrating, development experience on web3 and the Solana blockchain but also rewarding when things started going our way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our on-chain program that handles a complex system of statistics and token transfers for our loyalty program and also the integration of two frontends (the Solana-Pay interface and our loyalty program website) also through the blockchain.

What we learned

  • everything is an address
  • the big difference from developing on web3 compared to web2
  • general hands-on knowledge and experience on the Solana Blockchain

What's next for Greeft Loyalty

Exchange of tokens for NFTs coupon that grant special discounts and perks to the user. Democratic voting system to decide which merchants are authorized to send Greefies to the users.

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