Greedy and BFS.

What it does

A strategy to win over other snakes.

How I built it

  • It is built on the Battlesnake Starter Project, we applied BFS and Greedy algorithm. Then we deploy the server on a home Linux machine.
  • Thereafter, we implemented Union-Find Set and other rules to add spatial awareness and tail chase, and also make the snake less greedy.

Challenges I ran into

The snake is too greedy to stay alive.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Reached Top 1 in the Leaderboard of Rookie Division a couple times, now it stays Top 2.

What I learned

  • Learned to implement the Battlesnake API in just a few hours.
  • Learned to deploy a web server on a home Linux machine.

What's next for Greedy Snake - One Has No Name

  • Optimize the strategy based on the board info including other snakes
  • The strategy planning part is very similar to the game Go, probably will use reinforcement learning, which has been approved effective for AlphaGo by DeepMind, to optimize the strategy.

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