There are loads of choices when it comes to booking a holiday. However, most of the time people still have to go through a lot of manual planning on their own even if they are using all of the tools available. We took a look at how we travel and started builiding something we would like to have.

What it does

The target is covering the following use cases which are not currently available on other platforms:

Scenario 1

As the lead of a numerous family, when planning a holiday the information that I have is:

-The number of people attending

-The dates

The key information that I need:

-Total price

-Price breakdown

-Duration of flight trip

-Options (Car Hire + Specific Airline etc. - personalisation)

-Extras: Cheaper alternatives

Scenario 2

As a student visiting his family for holidays:

-The price

-The dates - somehow flexible

-Extras: Cost of travelling to closest airport

The key information that I need:

-Options for specified price range

-Duration of flight trip

Scenario 3

Husband/boyfriend looking for romantic getaway:




-Number of people attending

-Location suggestion

-Price breakdown


Scenario 4

As a lad travelling with your mates from the same location:

-Number of people travelling

-Price range

-Flexible dates (by month)

The key information that I need:

-Price breakdown

-Recommended dates by price range


-Cost of travelling to airport

Scenario 5

As a lad travelling to a location with mates from all over the world:

-Number of people travelling

-Price range

-Location of people attending

The key information that I need:

-Location suggestions by price average

-Price breakdown : cost per individual

Scenario 6

As a person going alone to an event and wanting to meet people:

-Exact dates

The key information that I need


-Optional deals (Car rental, Shuttles etc.)

-Extras: Forum per event

Scenario 7

As a business person arranging travel for incoming visitors:

-Number of people travelling


-Exact dates

The key information that I need


-Price breakdown

-Optional deals()

Scenario 8

As a business person travelling to a location:

-Similar to Scenario 2

-More important: dates and times

-Less important: price

How we built it

We started from the client and worked our way backwards. Defined set of desired functionalities Discussed and took decisions on the UX/UI and the technology stack that we then used Came up with mock-ups in order to ensure the final product will have a smooth user experience Started building and adhered to the highest possible technical standards

Challenges we ran into

Making sense of the Skyscanner API, Form Submit behaving unexpectedly, Sharing/getting up to speed with React and Redux.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Friendly UI, Enterprise Java 8 Back-End Server, Having created a stepping stone for more useful/efficient travelling products

What we learned

ReactJS (Sergiu), HTML Forms Default Behaviour (Alex)

What's next for GreatUni

Keep it awesome! It's been a great experience!

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