You could say this is a math game or a simple mind trainer.

You are showed 2 numbers, you have to say if the first is Lower, Equal or Greater than the second one, it may sound simple but most fail the first couple of times since the time is short.

Every time you hit a 10 correct selections then the level upgrades to include a wider range.

-----------------Update 07/19/2014----------------- (this was updated on the Samsung Apps for Wearable)

  • Kicking it up a notch! Now from level 5 and forward you will find operations! Example: 2 + 5 vs 6.
  • Level 5 to 14 : Addition
  • Level 15 to 24: Subtraction
  • Level 25 to 34: Multiplication
  • Level 35 to 44: Division
  • Level 45 and above: random operations. You won't know what you'll get!!

For the next update expect bigger buttons (i was finally able to play on a gear 2 and they looked really small)

-----------------Update 07/28/2014----------------- (this was updated on the Samsung Apps for Wearable)

  • Now with in game music! Listen to Pamgaea - Kevin MacLeod (
  • As promised Bigger Buttons!

*Watch the new video: *For the next update expect Menu to select levels you have gotten to already! Example: if you get to Level 5, you can choose the next time to start on that level, same with Level 10, 15, etc. The last option would be Level 45.

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