Bring the spirit of hackathons to people around the world.

How it works

Sail the goods, people and swag with MLP certified Hackaship around the world to Great Uni Hack. Learn about hackathon logistics and be fuel efficient.

Challenges I ran into

Lots. Game graphics and physics with Phaser IO. Bloomberg API integration and find the right security tickers. PayPal Braintree API integration.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

8-bit retro game with a modern Major League Packing (MLP) ship and goods pricing from Bloomberg.

What I learned

Many many things! Creating a game with Phaser framework. Using Node and Express server with Mongo DB. Integrating Bloomberg API in Node. And creating Braintree payment integration for game payment, like in the Arcade!

What's next for great-uni-hack

Improve game play. Different missions. More goods to pick up. Time-dependent fuel pricing.

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