Many people sit at theirs desks and suffer from bad posture which can lead to strain and health problems. We wised to create an application to encourage people to improve their posture and protect themselves from strain and health issues.

What it does

Our application uses the computer's webcam to monitor the users posture and tells them when their posture is correct.

How we built it

We used opencv and tensor flow to create a wire skeleton over the subject. It creates a line over the subjects shoulders and then measures the angle of the line. When the line is straight the user receives a message that their posture is good.

Challenges we ran into

Installing the libraries and learning to use opencv

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The message that pops up encouraging great posture.

What we learned

We learned about opencv and principals of computer vision.

What's next for Great Posture

To integrate the application on the to the computer's background programs to help with ease of use. To increase the speed and efficiency of the program.

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