The idea of 'GRE words' conceived when I was preparing for my GRE examination. As a techie myself, I never liked to read a bunch of books to prepare for GRE. Instead I always found it useful to have a resource with me available all the time. Vocabulary building is something I believed is best achieved when done consistently. We have seen numerous forums and applications where you are given few words a day to add to your vocabulary. Alexa devices and its likes, in my opinion, perfectly serve this purpose of consistent learning. This synergy is what I hope to exploit through this app.

What it does

Currently restricted to most commonly read GRE words, it allows the user to retrieve one word at a time. One striking abstraction implemented in this skill is that the user is given words in a sequence which are closer to each other in one or the other way. The database of words are sorted and clustered in groups which enhance retaining the meaning and usage of those words.

How I built it

The concept was originally a personal use django application for general vocabulary building. For the skill challenge it was modified to serve a targeted audience; the GRE aspirants. The skill's lambda function is built over python with a simple database of words.

Challenges I ran into

Keeping it simple and informative.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is small contribution in the direction of promoting ubiquitous learning

What I learned

Simple interfaces can cater to wider audience

What's next for GRE words

I wish to extend the application for other examinations such as GMAT etc and in future to general vocabulary building.

Built With

  • alexa-skill-kit
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