Destined to spread the joy of a home garden to everyone nearby. All of us have had some peculiar Experience with a surplus of home grown produce. Our families share these produces with neighbors Everywhere to not waste food. With this sharing, a lot of our other friends and family come rapidly Zipping to our houses to ask if there are spare lemons. Through these experience we want to bring a New world of food to those who don't have the opportunity to enjoy homegrown foods. Instead of Unsurprisingly throwing away these fruits and vegetables we wanted to make an easy to use platform To list produce and see other's listings. Through building this sense of a produce community, GRDN Spreads a sense of sustainability through capitalism.

What it does

GRDN is a marketplace where local gardeners can easily buy and sell from each other. Any user can browse all listings for produce and any signed in user can making a listing for their own produce.

How we built it

We chose to make a mobile application using react-native, node.js, and mongoDB. We first created funcitons in the backend to store and return objects to and from our database. We then used the REST api to make calls to the backend to help persist data in the front end.

We first started with using the google maps api for our map. Then we added pins (representing gardens) and pages for when one taps on a given pin. We then created sign up and sign in pages for user authentication.

Challenges we ran into

Using liveshare for team collaboration, our project was hindered by connectivity issues. We also ran into problems learning new technologies. From APIs (google api), libraries (MapView and Redux), to development environments (react-native), It took a lot of trial and error, reading documentation, and just general research to overcome the knowledge gap required to finish our project, but through preserverance, we did it. We, as a team, relied on each other to accomplish the goal, and through teamwork, we did it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the inspiration text that we created for this. More importantly, we are proud of the effort we spent on the project and the things we learned along the way.

What we learned

We learned new technologies as none of us were experts in all of the technologies we used. We also learned to spend more time planning out our development process to make better use of our limited time in the future.

What's next for GRDN

In the future, we hope to fully finish GRDN and get the last kinks and bugs worked out to have a fully realized idea.

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