We wanted to create a viable solution for the issue of food sustainability while being able to connect local communities. Gardening is a great solution to fostering sustainable food practices in a fun and engaging way. There is a myriad of benefits in growing your own food and shopping for local produce, and GRDN makes it easy to get started and find local farmers' markets. As we are coming out of this pandemic, we have a choice to make. We could go back to the way things were, consuming unnecessary amounts of products that caused a lot of harm to our environment and leading to an incredible amount of waste. Or we could pause and improve, striving to make a difference. A difference that can fix the damage we have made, and lead everyone towards a happier, healthier life. GRDN aims to be the start of this change

What it does

GRDN provides the user with precise guides on how to grow their own food, the equipment required and pictures to guide them along the way. We showcase what's needed to plant, harvest, and what recipes can be made with their plants. We also provide a map interface that showcases local farmers markets, promoting local outsourcing and purchasing.

How we built it

We build the web app using Bootstrap 4 and edited it using HTML5 and CSS3. JavaScript was used to make the site interactive and make the API request to the Bing Maps API. The Bing Maps API was used for displaying the map and the locations of the farmers' markets, which was scraped via Python.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was finding a good map API and then figuring out how to use it and display it on the site. It took a lot of experimentation, but we finally pulled it off. There were also times where we had to find out why specific links weren't working or updating, which required some good debugging skills. Another big challenge was the limited knowledge of web development our team had. Thankfully due to our previous coding experiences and growth mindsets, we all learnt as we went along, and developed a great web app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to design a site, implement a map API, and create social media handles for GRDN in the space of a couple of hours. The site looks very clean and we were able to implement all the features we set out to. This is especially awesome for us since most of the team had no knowledge of CSS, HTML or JS going into the project.

What we learned

We learnt how to interface with an API in a web app and showcase a map asynchronously to the end-user. Additionally, we all learnt a lot more about web development and honed our skills in CSS, HTML and JS. We also learnt how to organize multiple webpages and assets into various files.

What's next for GRDN

Our next big goal is to implement GRDN in a mobile application, as well as adding a social media feature where users can share pictures of the food they are growing, support each other and provide tips to one another. We also want to expand the number of farmers markets our web app shows and expand the range to include markets outside of Ontario.

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