Moving to a new city, entering a new school, or just generally feeling alone in a new environment is never good feeling. We wanted to develop an application that can quickly and effectively connect you to those around you, but in a new way. Instead of swiping at photos and short bios, Grazb hopes to connect you with people you share interests with.

What it does

When signing into the application you are prompted to select a number of things you are interested in, for example video games and surfing. Once this profile is created our algorithm will connect you with anyone with similar interests! Depending on how many interests you share, you will be 'Perfect Match' or 'Average Match'. You can then message that person knowing you already have some things to talk about!

Challenges we ran into

We've completed are trials of testing and bug fixes, now our most challenging limitation is gathering users to make the application useful in all cities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud we were able to develop an application to release and garner over 1,000 downloads in just a few short weeks.

What's next for Grazb

In the coming months we will continue to improve our iOS application, develop an Android version, and work our best to gather more users.

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