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How We Built It

We built Gravity Fall using Unity, sourcing most of our graphics from Free Platform Game Assets. We also learned C# coding from various online tutorials.

What It Does

Gravity Falls is a platform game where our main protagonists, Red and Ned, can defy gravity. To solve each level, two players work together to get a key and bring it to the chest. Each level comes with its own assortment of enemies, obstacles, and puzzles.


Our idea came from the idea of having two players collaborate to complete a level, much like Fireboy and Watergirl. We set one player's gravity to act sideways, instead of up and down.


Our group began with very limited knowledge of Unity, and almost no knowledge of building 2D games. One member also learned Figma (with the help of ACM Design's workshop) with which we present our pitch.


We designed several levels and moving objects. Obstacles can deter or even kill characters. Blocks can move, players can invert their gravity. Most importantly, through this project, we improved our coding, design, and artistic skills.

We hope you enjoy Red and Ned's adventures!

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