Graviton took its inspiration from our time playing classic arcade games like Space Invaders or Missile Command. We wanted to bring classic game elements into form that would be doable in the time we had while also still maintain a flavor all its own.

What it does

The result of our hack is a retro sci-fi tower defense game. We worked in the classic, slowly approaching aliens with the defense aspects of Missile Command. We included sound effects, animations, cut-scenes, winnable levels and more, all designed for Android gameplay.

How we built it

Graviton was built using the Unity game engine for programming and putting everything together. We used Paint.NET for image editing, Audacity for audio editing and the internet for assets we couldn't make ourselves.

Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges of putting together a game is giving it the polish and gameplay to make it fun. This meant we meticulously writing more than two thousand lines of code in the span of less than two days.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to start from scratch and build up to a reasonably-fleshed out game is something we can both be proud of. We've both had experience in the past with coding games and projects, but never in this cramped of a window. It was a great way to see how we prioritize and sacrifice to reach our end goal.

What we learned

Graviton was a great reminder on how to go about taking on a big project in a small amount of time. It taught us that we should always seek to build a working skeleton before getting ambitious with things like animations and sound effects, things that only slow us down while in the debugging phase.

What's next for Graviton

Graviton is an easily expandable experiment. If it is received well, we may be emboldened to get a more complete, fully-featured game out on the Android Marketplace.

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