This application accurately simulates the effects of gravity, showing the forces objects act on each other using Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. Objects presented in the simulation are allowed to pass through each other, showing how the force of gravity alone is able to affect the world around us. The app already includes several sample setups in which objects are orbiting each other in different configurations. The user may also create custom configurations to see how gravity works. Users can use a menu screen to edit certain initial conditions of objects, such as launching mass and initial velocity. The menu screen also has a few built-in features to allow for easier customization. One is the option to make objects automatically bounce back when they hit the edge of the screen. The other automatically sets the net momentum of all the objects to zero by modifying the momentums of all existing objects to compensate for the momentum of a new one. This feature prevents objects from drifting off the screen when doing complex obit configurations.

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