I always like to play battleground games like players unknown battleground, I tried creating my own, although it is nowhere at the level of such a highly famous multiplayer game but still, it's fun for me to play it.

What it does

It is a single player battleground game where, the player has to defeat the boss, hidden the core building of the game. The player need to kill it's wizards and soldiers to rescue the queen who is blocked by the boss.

How we built it

We built it with the help of readymade 3rd models available at the Unity Asset Store, and a third person controller, all assembled in Unity Game Development Engine.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge is to optimize the game for mobile devices, as we are using the 4k resolution textures which cannot be handled by most of the smartphones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Currently, we have ported it to work with the low end PCs.

What we learned

Almost every task we did helped us learn a lot about the complex Unity Engine and how CPU and GPU handles the complex mathematical calculations and maintains a high frame rate.

What's next for Graveyard Battle Grounds

Currently, we are trying to add multiplayer functionality to it as well as introduce it to mobile devices.

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