For helping old people in tough times

What it does

Gratitude is an app that is for the old and the needy people. During the period of CoVID, a lot of old people and handicapped ones suffered a lot and they couldn't buy the basic amenities required as well because of their health problems. Gratitude is an app that tries to solve this problem by making a system where volunteers could come and help these people in their day-to-day activities.

Steps for using this app

  • Clone this repo using 'git clone'
  • Make sure USB debugging and installing is turned on
  • Once all dependencies are installed then click on run and that's it


  • Java For Android
  • Facebook API for Login
  • Firebase

Firebase by Google

  • Firebase by Google is a very useful tool that helped us a lot to handle the backend part as it made things very easy
  • Using Firebase's ML-Kit we were able to make sure that a user is uploading a correct face using face-verification technique ensuring the safety of the person being helped

Facebook API

  • Facebook API was mainly used for the register part and we saved users into firebase
  • In the future, we plan to give the option to share to Facebook as that would be very helpful

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