As a team, our shared experience as consumers made us realize that the availability and ease of buying unsustainable goods is what has locked us into continually buying products that aren't good for the planet. With this insight, we found that the way to change people's buying habits is by providing a simple and accessible place for people to buy sustainable goods with ease instead. With the ongoing climate crisis, people have the motivation to shop sustainably but, until now, they just never had the proper platform to do this.

What it does

Grassroots provides users with a catalogue of sustainable products that they can have delivered to their homes quickly and with ease. With the ability to have goods delivered to your home on a scheduled basis, we want to simplify shopping for the average person or family. One time purchases are allowed too! Grassroots as a company will also work to support and grow infrastructure surrounding sustainable products and also support dedicated entrepreneurs who would help grow and improve the quality and selection of our products on the platform.

How we built it

We built Grassroots from scratch as a website using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flask, and MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing our backend and database posed a large challenge for us as well as getting the front-end of our website to interact with those layers of our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of our user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface which we all worked very hard on. In addition, we built this entire idea from scratch within 24 hours and we believe that is an accomplishment within itself.

What we learned

With exposure to front-end and back-end, our time learned and got exposed to important existing technologies like MongoDB and Flask. This was also our first time implementing a project like this of this quality so we also got exposure to new CSS and Javascript concepts which will invaluable to us for future hackathons and continuing this venture.

What's next for Grassroots

Living in the era of the smartphone, our next action will be to deploy a mobile app to allow for more ease of shopping. In addition, we also have to begin reaching out to sustainable businesses to expand our product network.

A lot of platforms simplify the problem of our unsustainable economy by putting the responsibility of climate change on the consumer, keeping sustainable markets in their infancy and hindering their growth. We think differently. We want to use our platform to support and grow the infrastructure for sustainable markets to make it more accessible and change the structure of the product economy from the outside.

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