What it does

Grasshopper is simple and addictive game.

How we built it

We looked up for Box2D and Leap-motion libraries on Processing. After which, we looked online for examples of projects where Box2D, Leap-motion and Processing were used together. We then try to integrate the code together on our own, designing and building this game from the resources we have.

Challenges we ran into

We are all very new to Leap-motion and Box2D. It took us quite a while to figure out how to combine the two together to build a game on Processing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have completed this game even though it might be really simple. Since we are all really new to this, we were glad that we were able to hack a game out in these few hours.

What we learned

It was a great learning experience for us. We learn to work with something we're totally new to in a short period of time. It was very challenging, but the outcome was fulfilling.

What's next for Grasshopper

We plan to take it further by introducing more features to the game such as controlling it with different gestures.

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