Collaboration is the heart of humanity. From contributing to the rises and falls of great civilizations to helping five sleep deprived hackers communicate over 36 hours, it has become a required dependency in the

Plowing through the weekend, we found ourselves shortchanged by the current available tools for collaborating within a cluster of devices. Every service requires:

  1. Authentication Users must sign up and register to use a service.
  2. Contact People trying to share information must establish a prior point of contact(share e-mails, phone numbers, etc).
  3. Unlinked Output Shared content is not deep-linked with mobile or web applications.

This is where Grasshopper jumps in. Built as a streamlined cross-platform contextual collaboration service, it uses our on-prem installation of Magnet on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Messaging to integrate deep-linked commands and execute real-time applications between all mobile and web platforms located in a cluster near each other. It completely gets rid of the overhead of authenticating users and sharing contacts - all sharing is done locally through gps-enabled devices.

Use Cases

Grasshopper lets you collaborate locally between friends/colleagues. We account for sharing application information at the deepest contextual level, launching instances with accurately prepopulated information where necessary. As this data is compatible with all third-party applications, the use cases can shoot through the sky. Here are some applications that we accounted for to demonstrate the power of our platform:

  1. Share a video within a team through their mobile's native YouTube app in seconds.
  2. Instantly play said video on a bigger screen by hopping the video over to Chrome on your computer.
  3. Share locations on Google maps between nearby mobile devices and computers with a single swipe.
  4. Remotely hop important links while surfing your smartphone over to your computer's web browser.
  5. Rick Roll your team.

What's Next?


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