Since we are both new to coding and have no experience, we wanted to test ourselves by completing a working game in the limited time allotted, with an engine we have no experience with.

What it does

You traverse a maze using a grappling hook, trying to get the fastest time possible.

How we built it

We used C# and Unity2021.1 to build our game.

Challenges we ran into

Several challenges. As you can imagine, learning a new language/engine and putting it into practice within a short amount of time is difficult, so it goes without saying that several hours of frustration later we have a (semi) working game.

There's a bug where the grappling system will sometimes stay latched onto an object and the only way to solve it is restarting the program.

When working on the project virtually, part of the code for me (Daniel) would not run on my machine, making it difficult to pick up when my partner (Jay) needed to sleep.

Learning new concepts/ideas through youtube/StackOverflow tutorials in a short amount of time and applying those concepts to our project

Not being able to do everything we wanted with this project, like adding different features

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a working program in Unity! Learning a new engine, and of course, having fun :)

What we learned

Learned that Unity collaborate was a much more difficult process to understand.

What's next for Grapple Run

Adding proper textures to the maze, fixing bugs, adding more features like an in-client menu with restart option, adding more levels, adding a leaderboard system.

Included with the Google Drive Repo is an executable for the game to run named TheMagicalWorldofSpeedrunning

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