Have you ever played Mad Libs? That was our metaphorical diving board for this project. Our goal, first and foremost, was to have fun while learning. We set out to make an AI-empowered decentralized storytelling dApp.

What it does

GraphStory requires the following user input:

  • noun
  • verb
  • adjective
  • conclusion

The user input is then written to the Hedera blockchain and allows the dApp to then analyze our inputs to write a creative, and often hilariously odd, story.

How we built it

We built it with mainly react, node.js, and solidity.

Challenges we ran into

Running a local chain was very difficult, and we accidentally crashed the chain several times during the testing phase. We also had hiccups integrating our front-end with the chain. All in all, we had perfect challenges--nothing too big, and nothing too small.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We understand that finishing our project is only a small subset of the judging criteria, but we are very proud of building a functional dApp. We're all new to web3 hackathons, and experimenting with the tools of our sponsors was a VERY good learning experience.

What we learned

We learned dApp architecture, how projects integrate blockchain technology, and what it takes to be a successful web3 developer.

What's next for GraphStory

We're looking to expand our project into StoryDAO, a collaborative method of writing amazing stories. With this, we look forward to improving all aspects of our project, including frontend and backend.

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