The most inspiring factor to share our idea is, there is huge amount of untouched data generated through SDG programs and it will be humongous in near future. Though there are visualization tools for analysis or other Machine Learning technologies, bringing data in right relationship is totally missing. This is where we felt that analyzing data with right correlations makes meaningful conclusions, and that is source of our idea too.

What it does

Schema helps to understand the kind of data that enters into database with right relationship for accurate analysis to understand correlations between different SDG's.

How we built it

The key here is using Neo4j GraphQL Library, on React with Neo4j Graph Database.

Challenges we ran into

No challenges faced for coding part, used Neo4j GraphQL trainings as reference. Designing Schema is a challenging part, that no crucial relationships are missed out in entire schema. It is important to think schema in 2 way relationship too in few cases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As it's in Idea phase, and we see that the purpose of this design can be communicated easily to those who are key volunteers in carrying out SDG programs.

What we learned

We learned the usage of Neo4j GraphQL library, and how GRAND Stack can play a key role in developing ideas to reality.

What's next for Graphs for Global Goals

Sustainable Ledger is no more an option for the organizations, that are contributing towards SDG's. With this data recorded with right relationships, Graphs for Global Goals can play a major role to build a better decision making systems.

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