Watching high school students struggle with Pre-calculus, specifically understanding linear graphs.

What it does

Asks user to plot points for a graph, with the equation given. Uses the leap motion capabilities to allow the data to be plotted.

How I built it

Using Unity and the LeapMotion SDK

Challenges I ran into

  • Plotting good looking graphs from string text on Unity.
  • Creating gestures in Leap Motion
  • How to drag points using gestures on the LeapMotion

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Being able to drag points from one place to another using hand motions
  • Being able to use Leapmotion fully integrated in the game.

What I learned

How to implement LeapMotion into Unity New methods/functions associated with the LeapMotion

What's next for GraphMotion

Adding more feedback based off of how many questions were answered correctly or incorrectly. Adding more game modes, like drawing the user drawing the whole graph Finish polishing the game.

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