Some users’ boards involve plenty of numbers. To understand and interpret the data, different situations may require different forms of charts for the same set of data to get the insight of the data. This could help keep track of tasks and improve decision making.

What it does

Visualize your chosen data from board in your preferred chart type. This App provides several different forms of charts, such as line chart, bar chart, area chart, pie chart, radar chart, tree chart and donut chart.

How I built it

  • Used React for main structure and Chart.js for charts
  • SDK and API
  • Highly customised some Bootstrap and Ant Design elements

Challenges I ran into

There are some challenges to get my head around SDK and API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to be able to turn an idea into reality by using JavaScript techniques and some libraries to build an app from scratch. I enjoyed the whole process of learning by doing.

What I learned

  • SDK and API
  • New libraries
  • Design Logo and edit video

What's next for VisualBar

I will work on optimizing the current features and work out more types of charts which integrate with board information to provide a better visual user experience.

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