This web based app is made for people willing to share their stories with the world. This app can be used by people in many ways according to their choice. I was inspired many websites giving people a platform for expressing their content and products. I therefore decided to give people a more interactive unique platform which would benefit them in many ways.

What it does

  1. The prime motive of this app is for sharing their stories or written materials.
  2. Users can share their products and links to their portfolios or products through this.
  3. Users can add hyperlinks and edit their stories as a pro.

How I built it

In this project hackathon, I used the handlebars for the first time ever and middlewares. I tried learning these from the time I applied to the hackathon. For the sign in method I used the Google Oauth, which was a hell of a task, but I managed to do it with the help of videos and some documentation which according to me helped me a lot. For the database, at this stage my go to option is the Mongodb. I prefer it a lot over others because of it's easiness to use and secured platform. This app uses sessions instead of tokens. The user sessions are laid down with which his session is stored and he can login in anytime without using to login again.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Being myself an ejs user it was a bit difficult for me to shift to hbs even if it is also a template language.
  2. Using Google-Oauth instead of the normal login signup.
  3. Implementing various editing modes and adding hyperlinks.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  1. Provided a platform to the people to freely post their content .
  2. Using Google-Oauth
  3. Providing Ms-word like experience while editing a post.

What we learned

  1. Using middlewares
  2. Using passport with Google-Oauth .

What's next for Graphic-books

In the next phase for the Graphic-books, we would be focusing on these aspects:

  1. Providing more SIgn in Options using facebook and github.
  2. Interactive UI for the user to make the site more attractive.
  3. Adding Image insertion feature in the editing mode for better interactive content and other uses.
  4. Deploying it on Heroku , Netlify or any other reliable hosting site.
  5. Adding search bar facility for users.

I want to thank a lot to mlh, github-education and TigerHacks for such a wonderful experience and a great learning.

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