What it does

How we built it

Jacob and Kyle built it using Java, JSP, HTML, and JS. They built it in such a short time. Kyle worked on the behind-the-scenes and handling of the txt files. Michael produced the low and high-fidelity wireframes as well as a working prototype of the website which can be found here:

Challenges we ran into

Jacob: I had a hard time trying to connect JSP to the Java backend as I hadn't had much experience with that. However, we had to work around the graphing part of our hack by using an external API instead of creating our own graphing display. Michael: Ensuring the design and color choices were WCAG compliant and accessible for users with color blindness.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Within such a short amount of time, we didn't think we'd get anything done or anything connected to the frontend, but we did it nevertheless!

What we learned

Jacob: I learned how to use JSP to connect the backend with frontend HTML and JS code.

What's next for GraphHS

We plan to accept more file types for upload, as well as creating graphs manually. Additionally, we may decide to migrate this to a Django site and use Python libraries for graphing.

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