For our DECA conference event, we decided that we would tackle an issue that is or will effect everyone at somepoint in their lifetime. We chose to tackle the issue of clean water. After doing months of research we decided that the company should be based around actual science rather than something that would not be possible for years to come. We found a lot of information on Graphene, which is a type of carbon with extraordinary properties, one of which is to remove almost anything (including salt) from water. This would make salt water available for drinking without some expensive and dangerous salt removal process.

What it does

The product that we sell is not simply the filter material as that would be useless without it being applied anywhere and not knowing how to use it. With the main target being the third world countries, it is expected that the product be easy to use and not require any excess knowledge. So we decided that the filter would come installed into products that they use water in. The filter would come installed in water bottles and buckets. They would fill the water bottles and buckets with the dirty water and as the water came out from the mouth, the water would become clean as the filter is palced on the mouth. The filter can be cleaned afterwards. This method of cleaning would work essentially forever, as the material itself is very strong and does not need any electrical or mechanical components and it just a thin membrane.

How I built it

We designed it with photoshop and had a small demonstation as a prototype. However, we could never actually get the Graphene to synthesize (something that has only been done in very small proportions). This led to us only having a small demo and not the actual product to show.

Challenges I ran into

Graphene could not be synthesized Not enough material to work with Even other companies don't mass produce the Graphene yet so it was impossible to get a hold of

There is a presentation and report attached to this post which was used at the DECA Competition

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