You know that one recipe that you grandma has that she absolutely rocks , or maybe you uncle is the best story reader ever. Maybe you know a skill that is unique and fun. But would you really ever get employed for these abstract qualities ? In this quarantine a lot of people have been home bound and struggling to keep up with their finances , at a time like this we need to empower every member of the family who has a skill which can be marketed. Not only that as an employer you don't need to feel limited while being specific about the kind of employee you are looking for. You can make the most vague requests and we will still get you exactly what you need because we understand that you only get a 100% of what you seek when you look for it in your own words.

What it does

Our app is a new take on job seeking applications. Our app strives to give you exactly what you want no matter how vague your request might be. How do we do that ?
1)The app first stores the profile of the user based on his purpose, i.e: to be hired or hire someone (you can do both as well).
2)It then takes the user to a powered chat bot.
3) The chat bot interacts with the user to understand his needs and connects him with other app users who are suitable for them.
Using we gather information from user text regarding the skills they are looking for be it a 'nanny' or a 'gardener' or an 'expert cook' . But that isn't it we further allow our users to search for specific qualities like 'punctual' or 'kind'. We understand that sometime you want something very specific while making a very vague request and we are here to provide. After we gather the user request and extract skills and qualities from it we then match it to our users who are looking to get hired and then we connect them.

How we built it

We used flutter to build our app and firebase to store user information. We used to process the information our chat bot was receiving.

Challenges we ran into was a new concept for us and we took some time to implement it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to understand and implement NLP using

What we learned

We learnt the application of nlp through in terms of data extraction from a conversation.

What's next for Grapevine

We plan on implementing a local mode that will enable one to find jobs or people in your locality itself.

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