It all started with a light storm of spaghetti code. What was originally a fun time playing Minecraft and Don't Starve Together to hopefully start off the weekend well turned into frantic grasping for ways to get our fact checker to work with less than 12 hours left. We had been able to use the Google Natural Language API to have the parts of speech recognized and knew we couldn't let that hard work go to waste. At 3 AM, with all members running solely on $30 worth of energy drinks and desperation, crazed inspiration struck to help make reading online easier for those who needed it, particularly the elderly or those who are bilingual. It was decided to focus on the news, especially with the rapid shift of reliance from paper newspapers to online resources for the elderly. Our program will list the recent news headlines and once selected, the first sentence appears along with relevant pictures in order to allow for visual stimulation as well for readers and make reading the news easier for them.

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