Inspiration: People are caring. Everyone feels joy giving to others in need, but they don’t want to feel used by companies not fulfilling promises… We want to easily connect with go-getters who quickly take action. The one’s that invoke change. It’s not because we’re untrusting people, we just want to see change and how our grants make it happen..

What it does: It connects people who want to give to people who take action. Grantd empowers Givers to enable others to make changes, hassle-free. Our Givers can quickly submit a grant to causes he/she is passionate about. At the same time, Grantd’s Changers propose projects geared toward the passions of givers. The Changers will provide a deconstructed budget of where every dollar is sent. Grantd automatically connects Givers and Changers to fund project and make a change.

How I built it: We used the python flask micro-framework to handle all of the back-end process. It allows users to register and log in to the website, create proposals and grants, and connects grants to proposals. Then, we used html, css, and Bootstrap for the front end to make a sleek and responsive user experience. Our website was the hosted on Amazon Web Services, with a domain name from

Challenges I Ran Into: Although we were able to make a working website, we ran into a lot of problems along the way, and we had to cut some features. We spent a lot of time trying to get the MYSQL server to work and trying to configure the server on AWS. Because of that, we weren’t able to include all of the features we wanted to, such as a messaging system, and a payment API. (We also tried making an IoT device for grantors with the dragon board, though we could not use it without a sd card which we were not provided)

Accomplishments I’m Proud Of: Grantd’s community of Givers will be globally connected with people and see the grants put to use

What I learned

We learned some of the challenges of building a platform for a diverse set of multiple users

What's next for Grantd

Integrating our payment API, ux/ui testing and changing the world one grant at a time

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