GRANT provides transparency and accountability for public funding. Current funding mechanisms are inefficient, opaque, and centralized. GRANT allows curators to source proposals and fund grants through elastic capital allocation.

Besides for the majestic #Bufficorn, the most noticeable trend of #ETHDenver is the proliferation of TCRs and Curation Markets through the Ethereum community. Being an area of active development and theoretical implementations, there are still a lot of questions about what TCRs and Curation Markets are and can be.

One of the biggest hurdles we experienced internally was developing consistent language to describe what we were trying to build. Additionally, we didn’t know if TCRs and CMs would even fit within the GRANT proposal funding application we were building. And how do bonding curves play into all of this? From that abstract fuzziness, we developed a nascent proposal riffing on what we knew of TCRs, CMs, Bonding Curves, mechanism design and prediction markets that we are calling the Forecasted Elastic Allocation Token (FEAT).

Our goal was to solve public research funding. Our dapp, GRANT, provides transparency and accountability for every party involved in public and private research funding. The current funding mechanisms are inefficient and centralized, resulting in a huge disconnect between “public” science and the ultimate benefactors in the community. GRANT allows participants to create proposals and receive funding utilizing IPFS to help validate proposal completions.

As we were building out the app, we started to realize something: we were really solving a mechanism to marry tokens and the real-world value created and curated by the network. We wanted to avoid ICOs and pyramid schemes; our intention was to focus on value creation and to use blockchain as a mechanism to hand that value back to the public (or, in this case, those participating in the network).

Inadvertently, we also began incorporating many aspects of prediction markets into our dApp design as well. Before we knew it, we had a true coalescence of TCRs, curation markets, and predictions markets.

FEAT Main Features

Forecasted Elastic Allocated Tokens minted as valueless allocation votes for curator(s)

Proposals funded with ETH from FEAT vault

Proposal completion token generation events

Value discovery markets

Dissolution events triggered by value divergence

Try out our Github and Medium links below to learn more.

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