My grandparents always struggled to access our social media, even though they loved being able to see what we were getting up to in our lives! I wanted to make something where it would be 0 effort for them to access our social media requiring no instructions at all.

What it does

It is a digital picture frame but, absent any hardware to run it on, we created a fake picture frame in our browser to demonstrate it on. This picture frame would have an ID and someone (an offspring of the grandparent, say) could create an account on it. They could use a control panel accessible on the web to add instagram accounts to the frame. Then the frame will automatically scroll through the latest images on people's feed.

How we built it

We built the front end in react. We tried to use the Instagram Basic Profile API to access information on the Instagram accounts. We deployed the website on Amazon S3, using Cloudfront as a CDN. Then we built the backend using Node.js/Express + MongoDB.

Challenges I ran into

Instagram API is hard to use!! It meant that we couldn't get our backend fully working.

What we learnt

We all learnt a lot about REST APIs, and lots of us improved our React and Express skills. Plus I had a go at using various AWS technologies.

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